Benjamin Kolaitis

Saturday 5 pm

“Builders and players of experimental musical instruments are strange creatures. Drawn to unusual sounds, materiality, technology and data…” – Bridgeman (2009, p. 175)

Benjamin Kolaitis with Alex Cuffe Genesis of Biosynthia 15062012

Making new sounds has been an age old practice in the art of sound, but what of the things that MAKE those sounds. From tinkering with material objects and landscapes to utilising technology and interactive techniques, Benjamin Kolaitis will discuss the historical and contemporary role of making new musical instrument inventions and how it has expanded our traditional expectation of musical instrumentation in both art and music. Be prepared to hear and see a world where plants can control music, fences that are samplers, and cyborgs that are walking orchestras.

Catching Light, Campbelltown Arts Centre

Benjamin Kolaitis is a Melbourne based contemporary instrument builder, sound artist and sculptural artist. He works with sculpture, sound, electronics and programming to develop kinetic interactive sound sculptures, invented instruments and improvised performances. Dedicated to promoting new insights in contemporary instrument building and technology within the Arts, Benjamin also co-directs Media Lab Melbourne, an artist run community that promotes and educates artists and creative thinkers about the role of technology in creative practice. Benjamin has presented installations, unique handmade electronic instruments and workshops for Next Wave Festival 2012, International Symposium of Electronic Art 2013, Experimenta 2011 Biennial Festival, What is Music? Festival 2010 and Liquid Architecture 2009. He also co-curated and co-directed the Handmade Music Festival in 2011.


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