Free Workshops

from 2 pm entity
You can tickle it, you can punch it, and you can massage it!
How it responds depends on its emotional state — which depends on how you have been treating it!

2.30 pm Generative Music-making
Christian ‘Bong’ Ramilo and Danny Pattiselano will run an interactive workshop covering technologies for interactive and generative music-making, Puredata and other Open Source tools.

4 pm The ART OF VJ
Live video techniques with Tim Parish from Verb Studios.

5 pm Benjamin Kolaitis
Benjamin Kolaitis is a Melbourne based contemporary instrument builder, sound artist and sculptural artist. Be prepared to hear and see a world where plants can control music, fences that are samplers, and cyborgs that are walking orchestras.
Benjamin Kolaitis Homage in Pataphysics 20-11-2012

6 pm Modular Madness
As a warm up for the screening of I Dream of Wires musician and artist Mats Undén will share his knowledge of analogue and modular synthesisers with a hands on workshop.


From 7 pm $10 (18+ only)

7 pm I Dream of Wires
An independent documentary about the history, demise and resurgence of the modular synthesizer.


9 pm Low End Theory
with: Monk, Birdz, Sime, Mangohig
A journey into bass-driven beats and rhymes; from hip-hop to jungle and beyond. Heavy duty party business – Boom!

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