Free Workshops

from 4 pm entity
You can tickle it, you can punch it, and you can massage it!
How it responds depends on its emotional state — which depends on how you have been treating it!

5 pm Syren
A one hour work-shop on Electronic Music Production, how to build a song on Ableton Live fusing cinematic Sound Design elements and Sound mixing techniques.

6 pm Soundcraft: The Art of Sampling
Producer and MC Monk explores the art of sampling in electronic music production.

From 7 pm $10 (18+ only)

7 pm PressPausePlay
A film about Hope, Fear and Digital Culture.
After the film we host a short Panel Discussion with experienced professionals from different areas of the creative industries.

9 pm Jon Tarry
Live performance and projection will amplify the sound of the drawing tool and associated forms such as the space itself, releasing the inner sounds of its embedded history.

10 pm Sound Factory
Open stage and live performances with experimental electronic and electroacoustic music.

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