WarpMeet 31 May 2015

Playing around with contact microphones, crayons, modular, tape echo, Ableton, laptop… Great fun!

Contact microphones!


Put simply, our eardrums and brain translates waves in the air into sound. Most microphones work in the same way; recording sound waves moving through air. But what if we want to listen to a sound from within an object? Contact microphones picks up the sound waves through the solid matter, not through the air around it. Contact microphones are often used with acoustic instruments, but can also be used for more experimental sound creations.

You can easily make your own contact microphone for a few dollars:
Scott Petersen shows how to make your own contact microphone.

Listen to this intriguing recording from a Scandinavian friend, “rizzi”:
The sound of branches through the trunk of trees.

See you at the next WarpMeet, 31 May 6-8pm at DVAA, Darwin!

WarpMeet at DVAA!

First WarpMeet at DVAA: Sunday March 29th 2015 6.00-8.00pm.
Theme: Warped Experiments

A monthly gathering focusing on sound, sound art, electronics and new media, open to anyone to participate as performer/artist/viewer.

WarpMeet is an opportunity for artists to find a supportive space to network and exchange ideas, both with peers and the community.

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First Warp is over…

This years Warp Festival is over. Saturday started with a very interesting Open Source workshop with Bong and Danny, and was followed by live video techniques with Timothy Parish. Benjamin Kolaitis challenged our perception of what a musical instrument is, and Mats Unden had everyone playing Theremin, patching cables and tweaking knobs. The evening ended in bass filled heavy beats with Low End Theory. Big thanks to everyone who came and participated!